Bloomingdale (Manhattan Valley), Morningside Heights, online with Zoom


Hello! I am Rena Anya Devéza, M.AmSAT. I am a nationally and internationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. I am a flutist. I coach flute with the principles of the Alexander Technique in mind. And now I offer Alexander Technique lessons to those suffering from long covid and other chronic illnesses. Lessons are offered in English and French. And throughout my training I kept a journal/blog called Rena in NYC: the Alexander Technique Report.  Please visit my blog…now I’m writing on long covid, the Alexander Technique and me. Before it detailed my journey on how I became a teacher of the Alexander Technique!

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Alexander Technique Instruction

In person classes are 45 minutes long.

Online private sessions are 30 minutes long.

Online group sessions are 60 minutes long.

“Sessions with Rena offer restorative moments of self-awareness, ease and discovery.” Peter Burling, CEO of Burling & Co.

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Flute Coaching

Play flute with ease! I coach with the principles of the Alexander Technique in mind. Learn to play with great use of self, with free and easy breathing, and with great joy. Let go of harmful playing habits! Be one with your instrument! I have studied flute in Paris and in NYC. My teachers have included Harold Bennett, Andrew Lolya, and Keith Underwood.

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