Monsieur's fave place when not eating

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This Covid-19 pandemic world is quite something, isn’t it? I keep losing track of time…wow it’s almost June already. Our current reality is totally surreal. Stress city right? Just when I think I am starting to cope really well, I remember my wild anxiety dreams. These happen nightly. Are you stressed out or anxious? It might be a great moment for an online Alexander Technique distance session!

Well, well, well…for now no hands on…only virtual hands on. No more in person lessons for the moment. Only online sessions via Zoom or FaceTime. I’m so grateful to be able to offer online single classes! I even have one group class going. I’m having a total blast doing these. I just love teaching by noticing. With my eyes, not my hands. There is one hilarious downside to teaching online. Cletis Milou, divo cat and studio manager, gets jealous when I “talk” to the computer or iPad or iPhone. Not only does he feel that am I here to feed him on demand, but I am here to give him undivided attention. Below is Monsieur’s fave place when not eating. I think he speaks for a lot of us right now.

Monsieur's fave place when not eatingMonsieur’s fave place right now

However, he will come out and meow at me (Siamese cat meows are more like screams or baby cries to be precise) if I am talking to one of my devices on an online conference. I am trying my best not to be like Milou. As much as I want to hide under the covers, I try to go about my days as best and as normally as possible…of course while taking all precautions…wearing a mask, wearing gloves if necessary, always washing my hands… You know the drill.

Back to online teaching…it amazes me what I can pick up visually about a student’s use. For sure this experience of distance teaching is refining my verbal communication skills in this regard.

Here is an image of me guiding a long-time student in hands on back of chair via Zoom:

building a student doing hands on back of chairPracticing hands on back of chair

My student has great use and she particularly loves doing hands on back of chair. As we say in French, ça se voit, non? That’s pretty clear, right? Not too clear in this small photo is the image of me, at the top of the screen, guiding her online.

To wrap this blog post up, please enjoy this old tune, version here by the Cadillacs. I think the tune lyrics actually went Zing…but here is Zoom:


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