Hello! I am Rena Anya Devéza, M.AmSAT. and I am a nationally and internationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. I am a flutist. I coach flute with the principles of the Alexander Technique in mind. And now I offer Alexander Technique lessons to those who are suffering from long covid and other similar chronic illnesses. Lessons are offered in English and French.

And…throughout my training I kept a journal/blog, Rena in NYC: the Alexander Technique Report. Please visit my journal/blog …now I’m writing about long covid, the Alexandr Technique and me. Before I wrote about my journey on how I became a teacher of the Alexander Technique! I was supposed to start writing this blog at the very start of my training, but I procrastinated in getting it up and running. The whole semester spent at that training went by…and then some. And then, a knee surgery made for a necessary pause in my training. So while recuperating, I finally started writing. I wrote about my ongoing AT lessons, and how my experience of the Technique in general impacted on every facet of my life. And then, I was back to my original premise! I started writing about my training again when I restarted. And I continued to write throughout my training. And now I continue to write as an Alex Tech teacher! I’ve only really lived in NYC and Paris so references to these two cities abound in my blog, as well as to lots of NYC and French stuff in general. As do discussions on flute playing…

I came to the Alexander Technique for pain management. A neurosurgery on my cervical spine left me in pretty severe pain which would just not go away. Two surgeons suggested to me that I try Alexander Technique lessons. After a month of lessons…au revoir pain! And I was blown away by all the other unexpected and marvelous benefits I was experiencing. Of course I wanted more and more and more Alexander Technique so I decided to train to become a teacher of the technique. Please check out these two interviews I did for more details…the first one a podcast with Robert Rickover…the second one a written interview with Imogen Ragone.

I am so excited and so joyful to be an Alexander Technique teacher! I bring my wide-ranging experiences of pastry chef, professor of French, Comparative Literature and Music, E-Marketing expert, and computer technician, along with me. And of course, my own personal experiences of pain and stress management with the Alexander Technique.

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  1. Richard Wortman

    I am interested in trying the Alexander technique to remedy problems of lower back pain and fatigue. Let me know how that can be arranged.

    • Rena

      Hi Richard! Indeed, Alexander Technique lessons can certainly help with back pain! I did send you an email. Looking forward to working with you!


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