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Long Covid, Rest, and the Alexander Technique: lie down ideas for covid long haulers Now that I am coming back a little bit into my life as I knew it before covid I can write about all my experiences and share them. Now I can play flute almost every day after not being able to… Read more »

Long covid, the Alexander Technique, and me: my long covid first-waver odyssey

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This is the first, introductory blog post of a planned series. I now have the energy to write this!!! Physical and mental energy!!! What a miracle!!! I think only long haulers, and people with other similar chronic conditions can understand what this means. What I would like to accomplish with this series is to explain to… Read more »


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It’s now more than a year of covid time.  Hopefully now we are taking baby steps toward “normalcy.” I don’t know about you but I’m definitely feeling nebulous. Out of focus. Unmotivated. Covid-time blues? I’m procrastinating big time. I meant to write this post last fall when it all was happening and fresh in my… Read more »

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Welcome to the new website of Ms. Rena Anya Deveza, Alexander Technique teacher-trainee in New York City.  

“Spring” break…

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We now have a week off in training. I guess it’s supposed to be a spring break. Ha! No sign of spring here in NYC yet except, maybe, for a pot of lovely purple heather that I purchased for my apartment. In fact, there is rumor of another snow storm coming our way soon. Can… Read more »

Catch you later…

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Three weeks of my training course had passed without my presence. The semester was established. I went back to visit. I figured it would be a nice thing to do before my pre-op that day. The visit made me realize that now I have transitioned back from being a trainee to being again solely a… Read more »


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So my flute guru, Keith Underwood, paid me a house visit to give me a lesson. I told him I needed mega help as I am just coming out of that medical-worry funk that stopped me from picking up a flute. Yeah, I know, self-defeating behavior. Sigh. Talk about feeling rusty! I told him that… Read more »

For the record…

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For the record, the above photo is of my outside little garden on the window sill where the fire escape is. It was taken this summer. Iconic NYC apartment fixture…a fire escape! I love to grow some flowers and a small amount of herbs…the chives and mint always reappear and to those I add lavender, rosemary, whatever…… Read more »

My first post was supposed to be this…

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Sometime in the spring of 2013 I wrote: I was at a weekly Alexander Technique lesson, and the sun was streaming through the huge windows of the atelier, and my teacher and I were really shooting the breeze. More than usual. As I was floating up and down from the chair, concentrating on the use… Read more »