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Three weeks of my training course had passed without my presence. The semester was established. I went back to visit. I figured it would be a nice thing to do before my pre-op that day. The visit made me realize that now I have transitioned back from being a trainee to being again solely a student of the Alexander Technique. I felt removed…almost like I was a specter.  But it was great to reconnect with everyone even if it is evident that, at this moment, they are continuing with their training while I am moving on toward my surgery and recuperation. I was lucky to have had two great table turns with the two volunteer graduates present that day. As well as giving me two really fine turns, they encouraged me and gave me great advice. I did the directed activity with them both as well…hands on back of chair while seated…something I really need to work on as I tend to grip with my arms.  Ah! With their help I finally succeeded in undoing and I felt the huge difference. This is definitely something that I must do in my daily routine. I hung out at break time, and I watched the hands on groups for a bit, this part of the training session that I adore.  Then I drifted out and left. I paused from the entry and quickly took a last photo as a souvenir.  Au revoir et à la prochaine. Catch you later…


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