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Phew. It’s been a long time since my last blog post. And here we are, in Covid-19 world, with our lives, as we knew them, totally on hold and disrupted. I am sure all of us are touched by the tragedy of this awful pandemic, having loved ones, friends, colleagues, who have been ill or who have tragically passed away. We are now shuttered away at home (if we are lucky to have a home!!!) and some people are truly isolated. Well, you know all this. I send my most heartfelt greetings to you all! We must believe that this too shall pass. And we will welcome back the lives we knew before this. And hopefully the world will be a better place for all.

Now in this time, of course, practicing the principles of the Alexander Technique, is of prime importance.I am so grateful that I have these skills to help me stay healthy in body and mind. Ironically, there is no teaching at the moment, in the traditional hands-on way. However, the Alex Tech community is adapting. I have never taught distance learning lessons before this moment, though some of my colleagues have been doing so for years. Their great success has fascinated me. By necessity, I find myself teaching via Zoom and FaceTime, both individual lessons and group classes. I am loving doing so!

Studio manager Cletis Milou, assists me with a lie down

By the way, I am not responsible for the name Cletis. This guy was named Cletis II at birth, even though he was never called by name. He was called Fatty. Eating is his thing. I figured he should keep his real name when I rescued him. I just tagged Milou onto it. I know, I know, it’s a weird name. But now he knows it.

I digress. But as you see, I am hunkering down at home. I would love to give you a distance lesson! So hit me up if you are interested. Meanwhile, please take care and stay safe!

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