“Spring” break…

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We now have a week off in training. I guess it’s supposed to be a spring break. Ha! No sign of spring here in NYC yet except, maybe, for a pot of lovely purple heather that I purchased for my apartment. In fact, there is rumor of another snow storm coming our way soon. Can… Read more »

My little daily nothings…

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As I have a turntable again, I played my parents’ old vinyl recording called An Evening with Yves Montand. It’s from the 1950’s. It’s a recording of Montand’s first American tour. I think they might have seen him at Carnegie Hall. On it is a song called Les petits riens quotidiens… Alas, I cannot find… Read more »

Autumn is really here…

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So I had a great day…felt pretty good…attended a flute workshop with Keith, in the nabe; started physical therapy; inaugurated my borrowed table with an AT lesson chez moi! Doucette the cat tried to climb onto the table while the lesson was going on but didn’t succeed. She was miffed. She acted out: when my teacher… Read more »

Feeding Doucette the Cat

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I’m feeling like a sybarite…despite the post-op pain, swelling, general discomfort, blah blah blah. I now have time to lounge, to think, to read. Hey! I can read the whole weekend New York Times leisurely! Hey! I think that maybe now is the time to read FM’s Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual! I think I’ll… Read more »