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Life becomes, at times, très mouventée. Very turbulent. This happened in my life recently. At the end of this hyper-busy period I realized that a psychic shift had occurred within me…perhaps due to the confluence of the particular stuff that had transpired. All good…but…it so happened that I had no time at all to write on this blog.

Now…back to Alexander Technique teacher training: in the “hands on” part of the class, I am still moving (mostly) my trainer, forward and back while he is sitting in a chair, and then following him while he gets up from the chair.  While doing this, an interesting thing occurred that helped me along in the more reliable sensory appreciation department.

I had been going about moving him very seriously, concentrating hard, no doubt furrowing my brow, and I was gripping, gripping, especially in my arms. And then one time he made a funny comment and I smiled, and he said “you smiled and you accomplished un-doing!” So then I smiled some more and I was delighted. Smiling brings about un-doing! When I smile and laugh it is easier for me to move my hands “from my feet” and to un-grip somewhat those flexor muscles. Even if these moments of good use are fleeting right now…I’m so happy about my progress! And well, it does make me giggle to realize that, indeed, I can move about a dude who is a foot taller than me and who weighs almost twice what I weigh. And I can do this with ease if I am set up well. He becomes light as a feather. Hilarious. Is this kind of a naïve statement from a still neophyte trainee? Well, I don’t care. It all delights me!

Activity with hands...exerting a little pressure down onto hands while lengthening and widening the back...the other set of hands resists...

Activity with hands…exerting a little pressure down onto hands while lengthening and widening the back…the other set of hands resists…

The other day, while going down to work on the subway, I noticed a man sitting across from me who had eyes that really smiled…they smiled broadly in fact. Looking at him, this total stranger, brought joy to me. And I thought to myself that I will try my hardest to emulate this man!

15 Responses to “Smiles”

  1. magdalenaportmann

    Lovely, Rena! No – our observation is not naïve. I have been qualified for nearly 6 years now, but still delight in these discoveries. And you will make them – again and again – and they will delight you, again and again.

  2. Mark Josefsberg

    Great, Rena! “There’s more than one way to free a neck”.

  3. kris

    Your beautiful smile should be shared…especially when you’re wearing red lipstick. xooxoxox

  4. VickyStanham

    Awww! I love this post Rena! It reminds me so much of my training too! I hear Marj Barstow used to say that “you always move better with a smile”.

    • Rena Anya Devéza

      Rob! Thank you! As my sensory perception gets more and more reliable (and I have such a long way to go)…well…I find myself smiling more and more!


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