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Training has wrapped up for a bit. Good thing because I am beat. Now we have a three-week break…and then we will meet for one month in the summer. So what did we do to end the year? Why, we ran through this new training’s “greatest hits so far” of hands on work. My trainer asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted to go over and I said “yeah I want to bring you into the chair” and so we did this lots. And we also did various permutations of monkey hands on table, monkey with hands on a chair, then I worked on a visitor who was on the table, and did various other hands on activities…running the gamut of what we have done since January.

I am very pleased to report that my trainer seemed light as a feather as I followed him into the chair over and over. Ooh…huge progress here! In fact…huge progress in all the hands on stuff I ran through. All in all a nice recap for me. “That’s really good Rena that’s really good.” “Yesssss!!!!!” Nice to know that my sensory appreciation is really getting more reliable. Nice to know that I am better set up than I used to be. I guess there is something to this Alexander Technique teacher training after all! 😀

the young FM Alexander

the young FM Alexander

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