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While crossing 39th Street on the way to Alexander Technique teacher training yesterday I got slammed into by a skateboarder, who, judging from the huge impact to my ankle, was traveling at great speed, and of course, against the light. Before this happened I remember glancing around, as I always do, to make sure that nobody was jumping the light. The next thing I knew was that something was hitting me with force, and I was falling toward the pavement, and two guys were stopping me from falling. The skateboarder was highly apologetic. You know, I never saw him coming. At first I couldn’t walk and had to be helped to the curb by the skateboarder dude and another guy. I couldn’t move for awhile. Then I made it over to training, where I stayed just a half an hour. My trainer dug out an ice pack and an ace bandage so I hung out on a table with that stuff glommed to my ankle while he did a directed lie down. He worked on me for a bit. And then I left. I knew I could not continue with the class and had to make it home as soon as possible.

So now I am resting and recuperating. It feels like I was slammed by a mack truck the impact was so strong. Everything hurts. Of course I am wondering how my use of self was at the time of the impact, and if my training somehow mitigated and minimized the side effects. Better balance perhaps? Of course I am worried about my poor knee, the one with the repaired meniscus. It is hurting big time.

A friend of mine let me know that he, too, experienced such a run-in and he told me that lots of rest and icing my ankle will do the trick. I am adding heat for my sore muscles. It kind of fascinates me that I am so sore all over. I must have been all twisted up in the arrested fall. Well, meanwhile, nurse Doucette the cat, purr machine extraordinaire, will be taking care of me. She’ll be so happy that I’ll be spending lots and lots of time with her.

Nurse Doucette taking a break...

Nurse Doucette taking a break…

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  1. magdalenaportmann

    Lots and lots of semi supine, Rena. That way, you create the best possible conditions for the pain to ease out, and healing to take place. All your muscles went into spasm, and your whole structure got shaken and knocked when you got run into and with the fall – or near fall. Get all the release you can get, and more, from semi supine. Allow the floor, or table, to take all of your weight. Or rather – allow the floor, or table, to fully support you, and then instruct your organism to allow that support and give up any tension. All these are directions which have helped me enormously in similar circumstances. All my best wishes for getting better.

  2. kriskris

    I’ll get on my soapbox…folks on bicycles and skateboards need to follow the same traffic rules as cars!!!! I’m glad you’re little pookie is taking care of you. Hang in there my friend; feel better soon. xxooxoxoox


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