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I’ve been writing this blog for a year now. Pretty wild stuff. Who would have thought? Hmmm…I guess I’ll continue…

As September is coming to an end I am thinking that it has been such a weird month for me. Now that the Attack by the Skateboarder is receding from immediate memory, and as my body is mostly healing up from the surprise encounter, I can get on with the business of Alexander Technique teacher training. And work. And playing flute. With my life in general as I am living it in this moment.

I had a chance meeting with an acquaintance who is an Alex Tech teacher. She told me that, as one goes through the training, one becomes more authentic, and one feels better. This scaled down description of what happens during the three-year training really resounds with me. So very true! I’ll take it!

A (non Alex Tech) friend of mine wrote this about what he is currently meditating on: “It’s never too late to become the person you were always meant to be.” I’m adopting this as my training mantra.

The news in my hands-on learning: I am continuing exploring on how to lift up legs. Figuring how to go about it for myself…with good use of self of course…how I need to move…etcetera. My trainer (so rightly so) decided that a table should be lowered for my petite self so that I can have better leverage for such lifting. Yay! I’m thrilled! Ahhh…the small pleasures of life that seem to have such impact!

Table has my name on it!

This table has been lowered for my use!


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