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September and October were two rough months for me in Alexander Technique teacher training. I experienced enormous emotional and physical upheavals. I’ve been truly exhausted. Is this second year of the three a turning point?

Quite suddenly, the storm abated. I feel a quiet descending. I feel calm, peaceful, and kind. I am obtaining a poise that has always alluded me. My thinking is in the process of changing. I feel it! It’s palpable! I am so lucky that I have discovered the Alexander Technique and/or it has discovered me, that I have started training to become a teacher of the Technique, and that, indeed, I am well ensconced on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and awareness.

My lucky horse shoe hangs in my kitchen. I’ve had it for years. I think it was purchased for me, and engraved with my name, in Coney Island when I was a little girl. But I cannot be sure. Well no matter where it came from…looking at it makes me smile, and makes me believe that I have true luck!

my lucky horse shoe

my lucky horse shoe

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  1. Jeff Hall

    The second year is always the tough one in teacher training. It’s like being at sea in an open boat. In the first year, you cling to the view of the land from which you set out. In the second you are all at sea and panic can set in. By the third, you start to glimpse the new land. Hopefully you will arrive in time to complete your course. Afterwards you spend the rest of your life discovering the new Land. 🙂


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