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We started up again in Alexander Technique teacher training, after the Thanksgiving break. After the guided lie down and the first round of turns, my trainer surprised me. He announced to the class that, going forward, he wanted me to put hands-on the other two trainees when he wasn’t working on them. Well, I was floored, as I had no advanced notice of this turn of events. Of course, at this stage of my training, my putting hands-on my co-trainees means that I am primarily working on myself. Transferring hands on back of chair, et al, to hands-on real flesh and blood people.

This unexpected development gave me a much needed shot in the arm, training wise. How I welcome this opportunity! It’s a validation that I am making progress. And I get to interact with my co-trainees in a new and different way.

My co-trainees seem pleased as punch that they are getting extra hands-on, albeit from a second year trainee. I do not have this same luxury. I work in a sort of isolation. Very different from my former training, where, as a beginning trainee, I was the recipient of lots of hands-on by my former colleagues.

I didn’t get a chance to get a photo of me doing hands-on, so I offer you instead this photo of one of my hands on Doucette the cat. My other hand, of course, was taking the photo…

hand on Doucette the cat

hand on Doucette the cat



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