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It seems to me that I am creating space in and around my heart. As I continue in my Alexander Technique teacher training, I find that my heart is opening up…

As I lengthen my spine, and as I widen and undo in my back and it gets softer, and as I undo in my chest, and my shoulders un-grip, it feels like there is more room for my heart. Wild stuff…this opening up is happening metaphorically and emotionally…as well as physically. My heart is finding more room to expand.

I find that it is easier to create heart, to be empathetic, to assume positive intent… It is easier to smile, laugh, like, love… I’m less on my guard. I’m more open. I’m easily delighted. And this is how I want to be in my life right now, and going forward, forever and forever.

I’m imagining that I’m beaming out my heartbeat to the world…

Here I am, writing this post, on this frigid winter NYC day, staying warm inside. I’m wearing shabby, comfy clothes. But I’m also wearing my grandmother’s heart charm for the first time in a long, long time. It’s a lucky charm!

with Grandma's heart charm...

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  1. Brenda Magalaner

    wonderful post Rena. Very poetic and at the same time direct and factual. we all love you.


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