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You know, dear readers, that I am a die hard New York Mets fan. Even though the New York Yankees aren’t much on my radar, I am extremely fond of the old, iconic Yankee, Yogi Berra. Really, who could not love Yogi Berra? I adore his zany, philosophical sayings. His most famous one just might be “It’s dejà vu all over again.” This comment was made, as he duly noted in the little and hilarious book of his collective witticisms, The Yogi Book  “…after Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris hit back-to-back home runs for the umpteenth time.”

In a way, I find that I am in a déjà vu all over again moment, restarting this blog. I am recuperating from yet another surgery on my left leg…this one an emergency surgery…while starting training on yet a different Alexander Technique teacher training course.The same scenario has already played out: two years ago I had a surgery on my left knee and I had to take a semester off of training, and that is when I started this blog/journal about my Alexander Technique teacher training. At that time, I was obliged to take the semester off from training, and over two months off from work. When I eventually went back to training I switched to a brand new training, a very small one.

Now all that seems like ancient history. I was obliged to change teacher training courses again this past July.

I have gone from attending the smallest training in NYC, to the largest training in NYC. And as I see it, my new training is the most haimishe, empathetic and energizing training in NYC. My old training consisted of one trainer and three trainees. In the old training there was always movement…people came and went…but we were never more than three trainees at a time. I was the second year trainee and there were two first year trainees. Now I have an embarrassment of riches: plenty of company. I have many co-trainee pals at all levels of training. There is, of course, my trainer, and her staff of assistant trainers. It feels like heaven.

I did manage to attend one week of summer training before the medical emergency happened. My new training is right on the main drag of the flower district here in Manhattan, so walking to training is a sheer delight…plants, flowers, trees galore. It’s visually gorgeous. Intoxicating perfumes fill the air.

La troisième c’est la bonne. The third time is the charm, no? That’s how I’m feeling right now about my present training course. The really cool thing about this particular recovery period is that since I have two years of Alex Tech training under my belt, I’m in a much more secure place to get better really, really quickly! Well, it’s an interesting way to start my third year of Alex Tech training…but hey, that’s life. Rolling with the punches here!

Among the plants and flowers in August...

While walking down West 28th Street in August…

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