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We have now finished up the summer part of our Alexander Technique teacher training. Now…off for a few weeks…

For over a week of this summertime study I had my trainer to myself. Classes for one. Intense! Huge progress made! Great work accomplished! On the last day, along with the multiple turns and many rounds of hands-on, my trainer took me for walks around the studio, exhorting me to stay up stay up stay up, back lengthening and widening. He asked me over and over to have elasticity in my legs, not to grip, to feel the floor with my feet, etcetera, etcetera, when I was walking. My head felt like it was starting to tingle, and I got very light headed, for I was walking in a way that I had never experienced. I felt vulnerable. I felt unprotected. Exposed…yet freed up. Because…I was not hunching in my shoulders to “protect” myself. I was not crunching down my spine to look down at the ground.

So round and round the studio I went, at times assisted “up” by my trainer, at times alone. And afterwards, I found that the walking helped tremendously with my hands-on work. I guess because I brought along that newly found sense of up with me. I found I was able to direct better, that I had way better use of self. Ergo my hands-on improved big time. Just like that.

I tried to get a video clip for this post of Doucette the cat walking…she whose smooth movement I admire…but she would not cooperate. 😀



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  1. Karen Grant

    Hi Rena

    I’m so enjoying following your blog….I kept a diary for a few years when I started Alexander lessons over 13 years ago, its when you look back you realise how much you have changed. Alexander’s work to me gets to the core of your being like nothing else I have ever experienced.

    I started having lessons as a last resort after C4/5 and T1/2 jammed…..very painful, although not as painful as what you’ve been through. Having the tools now to stop in its track all that interference is a wonder gift that never fails to amaze me. I remember the first thing my teacher said to me at my first lesson only having just started working on me “think about not winding yourself up”…..that blew me away, it took a long time to fully understand where he was coming from. I continue to have a lesson every month, always coming away learning something new about myself.

    All the best with your training….thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Karen :-)))

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