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Wow it’s almost February!

It’s really wild…but as my Alexander Technique teacher training gets smoother, and I am enjoying each and every class more and more, I have less and less desire to blog! But however…here is a post…during this mega-snowstorm weekend in NYC…such a good moment to write. And cook up a storm. And play Bach. And knit. And hang out with Doucette the cat all day long! Maybe I’m just facing another turning point in this journal.

Here’s a wonderful quote…from La femme rompue by Simone de Beauvoir. In her book she quotes the Romantic writer François René de Chateaubriand: “Le désert du passé,” a dit Chateaubriand. “The desert of the past, said Chateaubriand.” Thus…as my training processes I feel I’m moving out of the desert of my past. And I feel quite rooted in my present and I feel like I’m floating through my present. Feeling grateful and joyful. How is it that practicing the Alexander Technique engenders all that?

Big step in my training journey: the massage table I ordered arrived! And I have started to give practice lessons! Wow. It’s really happening! I’m a beginning teacher of the Alexander Technique giving practice lessons!

We have just finished reading FM Alexander’s Universal Constant in Living in training. So much to digest in this book! Here’s another great quote…FM writing about inhibition: “Inhibition is a human potentiality of the utmost value in any attempt to make changes in the human self, and my experience has convinced me that it is the potentiality most in need of development. I have found that if a pupil can inhibit his habitual reactions even moderately well when faced with unfamiliar procedures, remarkable changes in his use and functioning can be made in a very short time, changes which judged by ordinary results would seem impossible.”

I think of my own Alex Tech journey and trajectory when reading this quote, and I know I must convey this hyper-important concept to my students.

Here is Doucette the cat, demonstrating her excellent use during one of her many cat lie downs, keeping me company during the storm. I am assuming she will get to love my new table.



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