Long covid, the Alexander Technique, and me: my long covid first-waver odyssey

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This is the first, introductory blog post of a planned series. I now have the energy to write this!!! Physical and mental energy!!! What a miracle!!! I think only long haulers, and people with other similar chronic conditions can understand what this means. What I would like to accomplish with this series is to explain to… Read more »

“Spring” break…

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We now have a week off in training. I guess it’s supposed to be a spring break. Ha! No sign of spring here in NYC yet except, maybe, for a pot of lovely purple heather that I purchased for my apartment. In fact, there is rumor of another snow storm coming our way soon. Can… Read more »

Bags of frozen peas…

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The inevitable has been accomplished: after two months of medical testing to make sure things were copacetic, I finally had the surgery for my torn left meniscus. I’ve had a bunch of surgeries in my life; this was the first one really where I have the comfort of my Alexander Technique lessons and training to… Read more »


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So my flute guru, Keith Underwood, paid me a house visit to give me a lesson. I told him I needed mega help as I am just coming out of that medical-worry funk that stopped me from picking up a flute. Yeah, I know, self-defeating behavior. Sigh. Talk about feeling rusty! I told him that… Read more »